Commercial HVAC Contractor

River Falls Heating is a leader in commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning and ventilation. We provide HVAC design, installation, and retrofit services to many commercial and industrial building projects throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota. No matter your commercial HVAC application, we can assist you in providing the best rooftop systems and other products to ensure the most efficient and effective heating, cooling, and indoor air quality.

We take pride in providing exceptional service and design support to our General Contractor and Engineering partners to develop the best HVAC solutions for each specific commercial or industrial project. River Falls Heating works diligently to design and develop the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for new and existing buildings. We ensure capacity levels are adequate, code requirements are met, and that the best heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products are used for each job.

If you have a new commercial construction project, please call us at 715-425-2483 or contact us through our website today.