River Falls Heating:
Providing Heating and Air Conditioning for Over 50 Years!

1895 Dave Lennox builds first riveted steel, coal-fired gravity furnace
1904 Dave Lennox sells furnace business to a group of Iowa investors. Lennox sells 600 furnaces under new ownership
1930 Scottie Bauer opens Lennox Dealership in River Falls.
1935 Lennox develops and markets first forced air furnace
1947 Dave Lennox dies at age 90
1951 Butch Veith and Shorty Barr buy business from Scottie Bauer
1955 Lennox Furnace Company officially named Lennox Industries Inc.
1958 River Falls Roofing and Heating begins
1977 Glen Duven takes over dealership and names it River Falls Roofing and Insulating
1982 Lennox introduces first high efficiency furnace
1997 Glen Duven sells dealership to Tom Thompson and Theresa Gillman. Glen retires after 40 years in the business. The name is changed to River Falls Heating and Dave Murphy takes over as General manager.